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The Sensory Spectrum Process

How Spectrum Descriptive Analysis (SDA) can inform your processes.

  • Sensory Spectrum’s Look and Feel Descriptive Analysis is frequently used to gain product intelligence. Whether one wishes to assess if a change in process or formulation will remain unnoticed to consumers, whether sensory changes occur as the product ages, or simply how one product’s sensory features compare to that of its competitors, the method has been tried and true. Many R&D professionals use it as a tool to know and understand sensory similarities and differences among market samples and/or prototypes.

  • So if you wonder whether your new formulation offers a unique sensory experience, or whether it matches the experience of the market leader, this tool is what you need. Even better, if you are wondering about the competitive landscape and wish to identify white space to develop towards, Spectrum’s Look and Feel Descriptive Analysis tool will yield the insights you seek.

  • We customize all our approaches to meet your specific needs!


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