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Managed Sensory

Access world-class capabilities and experience while enjoying the benefits of letting us set-up, hire, train and manage some or all of your on-going consumer, descriptive and discrimination testing needs. Focus on your products and outcomes without spending your time on-boarding and monitoring the operations of your sensory lab.

Enhance your team with Sensory Spectrum's expertise

Managed Sensory Services

At some point, managing complex sensory departments got complicated. The ease and excitement that in-house panels and on site affective sensory testing capabilities first brought to your organizations has been replaced with an endless stream of annoyances, frustrations, inconveniences and added expenses.


Staffing, training, monitoring and maintaining descriptive panels is of critical importance to delivering quality insights but can be a full-time job for multiple people. You’re losing staff productivity and opportunities to meet the needs of customers. Plus, you run the risk of negatively impacting the overall workflow of your organization. 

Sensory Spectrum can help by managing some or all of your sensory departmental needs.

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On Site Services

Sensory Spectrum becomes a strategic partner to your firm by hiring, training and maintaining employees and panelists who will work at your facility running your descriptive panel, consumer program or a hybrid of both.


Our goal is to serve your sensory scientists as they serve their internal clients.  Every aspect of the service is routinely scrutinized for testing inefficiencies and accuracy so that scientists receive reliable data quickly.

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