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Consumer Insights

When you need answers straight from your target consumers, Sensory Spectrum offers online and in-person research solutions to satisfy your business needs.  Reach your consumers where they live, work, shop and play. 

Why Sensory Spectrum?

The Spectrum Consumer Difference

Crab Nebula


Sensory Spectrum offers recruiting services and specializes in difficult recruits. 

Crab Nebula


Our Moderators are highly experienced and work with you to design, execute and report your study. Available for in-person and virtual research.

Crab Nebula


Let us draw the lines and connect the dots for you.  Our team analysis your data and gives you guidance to drive decisions.

Virtual Research

In 2020, Covid-19 re-wrote the best-practices  for qualitative research. We offer virtual focus groups, concept testing, and 1-on-1interviews globally. 

Video Conference
Support Group

Focus Groups

Focus groups are qualitative research in which a moderator guides the consumer group discussion to reveal their opinions about the product, idea, or packaging. We offer moderation, recruiting as well as several types of focus group structures including dual moderators, mini-focus groups and unique populations of interest (specific ethnic groups, professions, regional etc.).

Community Narrative

The Spectrum Community Narrative Panel (SCAN) is made up of creative, articulate consumers who build community within their group. This process leads to honest communication, enhanced creativity, and increased description of the target product category and/or concept. This panel offers a cost-effective solution by exploring your products and concepts in an environment that quickly creates deeply insightful outcomes in a single short session.

SCAN has been described as an intense “focus group” because it is qualitative research with consumers who have been trained in creative problem solving and worked to develop a community. This process allows for the session to begin the product or concept interaction much more quickly without the typical ice breakers and warm-up sessions normally required.

Stand Up Meeting
On a Video Call

In-Depth Interviews

The goal of an in-depth interview is to seek a greater understanding of the consumer experience. Unlike focus group interviews, an in-depth interview occurs with one respondent at a time to provide a more individual experience. The process includes clarifying techniques in order to hone in on the respondent and interviewer having a shared understanding of the consumer’s experience. Most in-depth interviews are loosely structured, but some interviews may include specific tasks, such as sorting, that help guide understanding through the choices a consumer makes.

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