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Accelerating Product Development with Mastery

Sensory Spectrum’s extensively trained and experienced professional tasters combine the best of Malcolm Gladwell’s two New York Times bestsellers: blink and Outliers.  


A rocket launching on a sunny day

Outliers explores the time and practice it takes to get good at any skill – beyond “playing” at a skill and getting “good enough.” Instead, it emphasizes mastering that skill after years or decades of practice and refinement - think the greatest athletes, the most talented musicians, and sensory professionals with years of evaluation experience. 


blink focuses on the apparent “snap judgement” that true experts can make by quickly integrating data without over-collecting and over-analyzing to draw conclusions. Sensory Spectrum is recognized in blink for this talent. Our Master Tasters deliver on the mastery and the quick response to the sensory properties of complex products – their appearance, aroma, flavor, texture, tactile properties, and sound.  


Whether you are a product developer, flavorist, perfumer, or QC professional, our Spectrum team provides fast, clear direction so that your product can be changed and reevaluated in a fraction of the time. Through rapid rounds of evaluate – fix – evaluate and focused guidance, we CAN condense a six-week or longer development process to a few days, enhancing speed to market. 


Our approach is tailored to our clients’ needs. Two examples: For one client, we send a team twice a month to their facility to evaluate prototypes and vendor submissions, moving swiftly to a sensory target and providing technical guidance in the moment. For another client, we accompanied their business team to a flavor house to develop a signature pastry flavor to apply to a beverage in just 2 days.   


This only looks easy – our mastery and confidence are born of years of experience in the most nuanced evaluation program/process. Contact Sensory Spectrum to help you make the right calls when it matters most. 


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