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On Site Sensory Services

Now your company can access world-class capabilities while enjoying the benefits of letting us set-up, hire, train and manage some or all of your on-going consumer, descriptive and discrimination testing needs.  This lets you focus on your products and outcomes without spending your time on-boarding and monitoring the operations of your sensory lab.

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On Site Services (we come to you)

Service functions may include:

  • Provision of complete HR services

  • Recruit and interview potential employees

  • Complete federal and state required documentation

  • Institute and execute job performance assessment

  • Assess salaries, recommend raises and provide benefits

  • Pay required employment taxes

  • Complete on boarding and training of new hires

Complete testing management at your facility

  • Scheduling, execution, documentation, analysis and reporting for sensory projects and samples across all department testing.

    • Includes: Consumer, descriptive, discrimination etc.

Management of a single function at your facility

  • Scheduling, execution and documentation of an entire descriptive or consumer panel.

    • Includes hiring and training of panel leaders, technicians and panelists or recruiting and maintenance of a consumer panel.

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