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Why Sensory Spectrum?

Results That Make Sense

Sensory Spectrum, a globally recognized management consulting firm, specializes in understanding the sensory-consumer experience for industry, academia and government. Our approach links advanced sensory methods to consumer research with the latest statistical analysis procedures to provide business and technical solutions for confident decision making.

Our broad scope of customized services includes sensory program design and review, Spectrum Descriptive Analysis panel training, project management, consumer research, short courses and workshops.

OUR Process

With decades of experience, international clients and recognition, and unparalleled research techniques we have consulted with countless industries to provide solutions, direction, and vision to a range of products and services. 

Food Knolling

Our partnership with Sensory Spectrum is a technical and business success built on strategic thought leadership, sound sensory methods, deep knowledge of product attributes and the application of creative thinking. All fostering a strong sensory program and language which directly impacts the foods that we produce. 

Nigel Hughes, Past SVP Global Research and Development

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