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Professional Development

Creating and extending sensory methodology and sensory strategies is core to our Mission Statement. Whether you are beginning your sensory career or you have been working for some time, Sensory Spectrum provides relevant and unique learning experiences.

Why Sensory Spectrum?

Achieve Your Goals

Sensory Spectrum believes it is our mission to educate and empower sensory professionals throughout your career.

  • For more than 30 years, Sensory Spectrum professionals have played a key role in the education and personal development of sensory scientists, their programs, and management by offering courses that combine methodology with application.

  • We strive to deliver training programs that are relevant and provide unique learning experiences in product and consumer understanding as part of the business strategy across all consumer product research. With different perspectives on methodology, project management, global insights and product attributes, our courses provide the very best in practical, hands-on realistic solutions to our participants’ questions and challenges.


Virtual Courses

Sensory Spectrum is your source for in-house courses.  We offer a wide variety of programs to suit your needs, in addition to customized versions of our current offerings.  

Programs can be executed at:

  • totally online, with our technician team shipping

  • available at your facility

  • at a training site near your location

  • hosted at our New Jersey or North Carolina facilities.

The advantages are numerous:

  • Tailored Programs for your staff, products, and company

  • Scheduling at a time that is right for you

  • Many from your organization can attend

  • Ability to include key vendors or clients in training

  • Colleagues benefit from the shared experience of learning together

To design a course that targets your objectives and training needs, e-mail us today at

Colorful Feathers

Thanks to the Sensory Spectrum team for a fabulous graduate level course on sensory evaluation, focusing on tactile properties.  You opened so many minds to a concept many people aren't familiar with. And that's such a good thing.  It changes the approach to product development - in ANY category!   I'm grateful for your time, expertise, energy and willingness to share it.  We're lucky to have professionals like you willing to do this for the graduate students. 

Karen Young, Adjunct Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology

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