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Virtual Training

We're excited to share our newest virtual training options.  These self-guided, on-demand courses are designed to bring you practical, fundamental concepts quickly. Stay-tuned as we continue to develop more educational offerings. 

Food Packaging



Spend Less, Learn More

This module is designed to give you a brief introduction to the field of sensory evaluation. You will learn what sensory evaluation is, review how sensory evaluation pertains to product and consumer understanding, and explore the evolution of sensory evaluation over time.

This module will discuss each of the five “S’s” that make up the best practices in product evaluation: Site, Subjects, Sensory Project Process, and Statistics. You will then apply each of these five best practices to sensory application examples.

In this module you will explore the sense organs that contribute to the physiology of sensory perception and examine the sensory properties that are output from each sense organ.

Everyone loves the taste of chocolate, but have you ever wondered why different chocolate varieties taste so different? In this webinar you will taste chocolate along with a sensory expert. You will learn about the ingredient differences among dark, milk and white chocolate varieties and will be introduced to vocabulary that will allow you to describe the different flavor and texture characteristics of each type.

Tasting Chocolate

Live/Virtual Training

Developing and Defending Advertising Claims - A two-day, virtual training course that covers the key understanding and steps needed to design and defend compelling advertising claims. Designed for sensory scientists and/or product and market researchers, this program dissects the complicated issues faced in advertising claims into understandable and practical tools and clear steps for anyone involved in designing, executing or interpreting studies to support advertising claims.

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