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Our people make us great.

We believe a providing our employees with a positive experience is a key to a positive client experience. Our core purpose fuels everything we do — to educate, and empower our staff to achieve their best for our clients, our industry, and each other.

Our values guide us.

Education. Empowerment. Integrity. Fun. Sensory Spectrum's culture is built firmly around these foundations. They also determine how we grow and hire our talent.

Executive Team

Innovation. Expertise. Passion.

Sensory Spectrum is a team of some of the best sensory professionals in the field. With diverse technical and business skills, we have the tools and know how best to use them to guide your project toward business success. At Sensory Spectrum our motto is “Yes, we can do that!” capturing our willingness and ability to tackle unique problems by getting the most information with the least expense – saving both time and money. Our methods are the direct result of custom solutions to difficult client problems – they work because they are grounded in proven sensory, ethnographic and creative problem solving techniques.

Sensory Spectrum’s management team is dedicated to the masterful practice of sensory science, as a result many are considered thought leaders in the industry who drive sensory strategy and connect its results to business decisions.

For 30 years Sensory Spectrum leaders have been developing people, products and business having played a key role in the education and personal development of sensory scientists, their team-workers and their management. Our leadership team openly shares their knowledge and expertise in problem solving, product and consumer understanding and data analysis and interpretation.

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Our Team

Scientists. Innovators. Pragmatists. Geeks. Foodies. Researchers. Artists.

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