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SDA Panels

Sensory Spectrum helps Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) improve product quality  with on-site testing support. 

Our trained food panel travels across the world to evaluate products in restaurant dining areas to capture the product experience.

The Challenge

A multi-national quick service restaurant chain approached Sensory Spectrum to help improve product consistency across restaurants.  While the company had well established sensory panels in each global region, they were unable to harmonize sensory data across all locations, making strategic decision making difficult.

The Solution

Sensory Spectrum was able to deploy highly trained Virtuoso™ tasters across Europe and South America to evaluate core products in situ and at key labs. Our tasters, fully trained in Spectrum Descriptive Analysis (SDA™), were able to provide consistent and comparable results across all sites. 

The Results

The client identified several outcomes that could be used to its advantage.

  • SDA results identified areas of inconsistency across all products and regions

  • Data mining of historic consumer data, paired with SDA data identified an Ideal Profile for each region

  • Sensory Spectrum was able to generate specific improvement guidelines for each location

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