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Being a Strong Sensory Partner-Pt 2

Welcome to part two of Being a Strong Strategic Partner!

Superior Execution and Client Support

Today, we’ll be discussing Superior Execution and Client Support – This may be a given when talking about forming strong strategic partnerships. However, even in the most buttoned up organizations, occasionally things go wrong. It is how you respond to those instances that makes the difference. Our goal is to always provide exceptional execution of our client’s projects. We communicate openly and frequently to ensure we fully understand the objectives of the project. There is full agreement on the logistics, procedure, output, and timing before we start. During the execution phases of a project we keep the whole team informed. Any hiccups that occur are shared with the client as well as the remedies. Most of us go into projects with the expectation that everything will go as planned with little to no issues. Most of the time that is how it goes. However, being in the business of product testing, we rely heavily on getting products from one location (R&D Centers, Pilot Plants, Bench-top, Kitchens, Stores, or even farms) to another (testing labs, consumer testing facilities, consumer’s homes). A lot can go wrong. Samples are damaged in shipping, perishable products are left on a loading dock over the weekend in the summer, the wrong things are shipped, or products are mislabeled. You name it we’ve had it happen. It’s how you handle these types of situation that further solidify partnerships. When faced with these issues rapid communications is key. We recently conducted a product test in 5 locations across the country. It was imperative that we procure the same branded products in each of those locations. One product in particular was not available. Instead of endangering the validity of the test, we quickly pulled together partners across the country to identify a replacement that was available and representative of the initial sample. We used our descriptive skill to ensure that the product also had the same flavor and textural attributes. In a short period of time we resolved the issue and ensured the integrity of the research.

Making the Client Look Good

The last component of the development of strategic partnerships brings all of this together. We all work within some type of an organization. Whether you are in a government agency, a multinational corporation, or a small entrepreneurial firm we all want to be viewed positively by our leadership. In today’s business environment we rely more upon support from outside the organization. Having strong partners who have deep experience, the ability to be disciplined and flexible, who execute projects flawlessly make you look good within your organization. We feel that this is one of our most important jobs. We know when we’ve achieved all of these things, it’s when our clients refer to us as thought leaders and partners. We have more work to do when we are referred to as a vendor or contractor. We are fortunate to be called a strategic partner by a growing number of diverse clients.

So to recap, there are many qualities that turn a vendor into a partner:

  • Experience and Diversity of your staff

  • A blend of discipline and flexibility

  • Superior execution and client support

  • Making the client look good

Sensory Spectrum does them all. How can we help you?


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