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dog food

Sequence Mapping 

Pet owners are attuned to the needs of their pets and want to provide an eating experience they are assured their pets love. The objectives of this project were to understand the aroma cues that pets enjoyed that owners found acceptable.

The Challenge

A pet care company reached out to Sensory Spectrum in order to identify the appropriate aroma that would best appeal to both pets and their owners.

The Solution

​Sensory Spectrum consultants conducted several types of qualitative interviews prior to initiating a Sequence Mapping Process with consumers. Consumers were interviewed during Shopping Excursions, in Cohort Groups with their dogs, and in Qualitative Focus Groups using creative techniques to understand the emotional connection to aromas.


A Sequence Map is best described as a complete and thorough composite story; as heard and understood through the spoken and unspoken words of the consumer. This is done to uncover hidden insights. It is the merging of the thoughts, emotions, actions, and perceived sensory properties throughout the product lifecycle from early decision making through disposal. The approach applies a series of qualitative techniques with individuals who meet a defined target group. The techniques included diaries, home visits, shopping excursions, and focus groups.

The Results

The outcome of this research was a comprehensive view of what pet owners can tolerate in terms of aromas that would also entice their pet. The Sequence Map uncovered several new areas of opportunity for enticing pet owners to continue to provide the best eating experience for their dogs.

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