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Pill Variety

IRB Studies

Sensory Spectrum teams with a pharmaceutical firm to test Stage III drugs for flavor and aroma optimization under IRB approval.

The Challenge

A pharmaceutical firm sought to optimize the flavor and aroma of a Stage III drug. This research would require Independent Review Board (IRB) oversight.

The Solution

Sensory Spectrum was contracted to manage all aspects of the research including contracting the IRB, providing the and preparing and submitting all forms.  After IRB approval Spectrum's IRB consented GoldenTongue™ trained evaluators, tasted each sample and provided detailed feedback on each product. Separate aroma evaluations created full profiles.

The Results

The client identified several outcomes that could be used to its advantage.

  • SDA results identified areas of inconsistency across all products and regions

  • Data mining of historic consumer data, paired with SDA data identified an Ideal Profile for each region

  • Sensory Spectrum was able to generate specific improvement guidelines for each location

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