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Advertising Claims

Sensory Spectrum's team of ad claims experts help you navigate the potentially dangerous waters of advertising claims.  Whether this includes claim design, method development or execution, Sensory Spectrum is a great partner through all stages of your claims journey.

Develop and Defend Ad Claims

The advertising marketplace is increasingly threatening. Consumers are more demanding and want products that deliver on their promises. Ad claims are being challenged regularly, creating costly legal ramifications to poor research. Sensory Spectrum can partner with your team to protect your claim through appropriate testing methods, documentation, analysis and support and assistance in the face of legal challenges. Products that deliver consumer relevant sensory benefits are in demand.  We start by identifying the objectives and designing the methodology needed to highlight the benefits of your product. 

Sensory Spectrum can work closely with consumers to understand how they talk about the product experience to establish the consumer relevance of the benefits. Then, Sensory Spectrum will work with you to develop the appropriate documentation for your advertising claim by using the right tools that connect the dots between science and the consumer.  Finally, we stand behind the data and support you should challenges to your claim arise. 

We can help you:

  • Develop, design and execute the test for your claim

  • Report the results

  • Defend your claim in court if necessary

Sensory Spectrum's founder Gail Vance Civille frequently teaches Ad Claims in a customized internal training setting.  

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